Women enjoying sunflowers

With 8-acres and over 175,000 sunflowers, the PA Sunflower Festival is the largest, most diverse pick-your-own sunflower patch east of the Mississippi River.

1999 – African Adventure

Five animals form the shape of the African continent and make a maze of trails loaded with educational information. Learn about Africa and the animals that call it home. Each is unique with a different way to survive. Can you spot the Giraffe, Lion Head, Elephant, Rhino and Cheetah?

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1998 – Challenge the Dragon

The Dragon marked the first move to the current field at what would become the Maize Quest Fun Park. It was also the first Maize Quest with a “big adventure” theme. Guests explored the beast and the castle below to discover answers to the lore of dragons. The dragon featured a fountain of water in the “heart” of the beast.

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1997 – Tree of Life

The original and first Maize Quest Cornfield Maze Adventure: The Tree of Life. The Tree with roots, large trunk and branches is encircled by the serpent and flanked by the crescent moon and sun. Guests used another Maize Quest innovation to create a map on their game sheet using giant stampers. The symbols were chosen to represent the fruit farm, the circle of life and the changing seasons as Maple Lawn Farms began it’s change from production agriculture to pick-your-own fruit, educational center and entertainment destination. The firs maze, designed by Gretchen McPherson, marked the return of Hugh McPherson to the operation full-time after graduation from Penn State University. This was the one that started it all!

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2017 – Arabian Nights

As you explore each pathway of the maze you will unveil the mysteries of the Lamp. Picture you and your friends exploring Aladdin, the lamp, and of course the Genie himself all carved into a living field of cornstalks!

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2018 – Mad Scientist

Unlock new discoveries in the world of science by answering questions about real  scientists who were thought to be ‘mad’ until proven correct. Find pictures of Mad Science-based movies.

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2019 – Atlantis

Explore Atlantis – The Lost City.  As you move about the corn experience the hidden treasures around every turn. Join Poseidon on an adventure under the seas.

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2014 – Secret Agent

Journey into a world of intrigue and espionage. From the Cold War to James Bond, the world’s nations play the dangerous game of misdirection and double agents. This year’s maze design includes iconic imagery from spy movies.

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2015 – Amazon Adventure

Deep in the rain forest, birds call and monkeys howl from the ancient canopy. Beneath the surface of the Great River, predators lurk in search of their next meal. Into this lost and wild world, you journey to discover the secrets hidden in this amazing ecosystem.

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2016 – Expedition Everest

Climb to the top of the highest place on Earth: Mount Everest. The goal is to reach the top and then survive the descent. If the weather doesn’t get you, maybe the legendary yeti will. In the maze design, you explore Mount Everest, base camp, a Buddhist monastery, and try to escape the mysterious Yeti.

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