Maize Quest Team

The Maize Quest® Team

The Maize Quest® Team is a group of people focused on making your Maize Quest experience engaging and entertaining. Each person brings a different perspective to the design and operation of the Maize Quest Fun Park. More importantly, they are fun people who love being with our guests. Just call or stop by and you’ll see what we mean.

Hugh, The Maze Master

Hugh McPherson, The Maze Master

Hugh is the founder of Maize Quest®. Back in 1997, after receiving his degree in Agricultural Business Management from Penn State’s main campus, he got the crazy idea that corn maze should be more than just a “walk in the stalks.” He founded Maize Quest and set out to make mazes better.

Maize Quest’s operational and marketing systems were developed from Hugh’s hands – on experience and his compilation of information from across our network of operators. That system saves you time and money while it builds traffic.

Over the years, he guided Maize Quest, hired smart people, and grew the corn maze into the 30+ attraction Fun Park it is today. Hugh is the “Big Idea” guy who loves to envision new attractions, build them, and watch the guests explore. Hugh is a hands-on guy and chances are good that you’ll find him on-site, managing the Fun Park from the front lines.

Michelle Posey, Group Tour Director

Michelle Posey, Group Tour Director

Michelle has been on the team since the beginning. We managed to recruit her in 1997 away from her own service business, and it’s been the best thing we could have done for our group leaders.

Michelle has booked thousands of scout, student, birthday, church youth, corporate retreat, and geo-caching groups for us over the years through a singular dedication to our group leaders. If you call in, Michelle will get you the information you need and make your leader experience easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

Maze Designer Dave

“Designer Dave” Phillips

As it often is in the maze business, strange paths bring the right people together at the right time. We found Dave at Wal-Mart. He was critiquing the 1998 maze on the back of Michelle Posey’s shirt in the checkout line. Michelle can make friends with anyone. The rest is history.

Go to and search for {Dave + Phillips + Maze}. He has been designing paper mazes for nearly 30 years, and has written over 26 maze books.

What’s neat about Dave is that he’s made the transition from paper to life-sized mazes beautifully. He spends time in each maze and in every corn maze he’s designed for our Fun Park to learn how people react to the puzzle. He wants to learn and know more about the human experience in the maze. Come check out his work first hand and see for yourself. You’ll be blown away.

Maze Quest Fun Park Staff

Maize Quest Staff

Each year we recruit up to 30 part-time employees to help operate the Fun Park in season. We take pride in our training program and our employee development. Our employees work hard and we work hard to make sure you get a Maize Quest-quality experience throughout the Fun Park every time you visit.