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The latest news and trivia for our Corn Maze & Fun Park!

  • “What’s a Sukkah – and crazy work this Fall Season”

    I think the world needs a spirit of understanding and an attitude of humility now, more than ever. So it was that I first learned of Sukkot, the Jewish “Festival of the Booths”. We suddenly were busy checking in Orthodox Jewish visitors one October, over 10 years ago. (Learn a lot more about Sukkot here) … Continue reading

  • 5-LAYER-DONUT-Harvest Fest Weekend is here!

    This is it. We have reached the final weekend for the 2017 Arabian Nights Corn Maze Adventure, and I have to tell you – I’m going to miss it. We have had great, warm weather for the Fall season and we’ve had a great time with all of you! Thank you so much for being … Continue reading

  • “Are you trapped in a microcosm?”

    We’ve all had the experience of being so busy doing things, following our routines, that we suddenly realize, we haven’t metaphorically “Looked Up” in weeks. This can happen in our Farm Microcosm, just as it happens in your life… (continued below) CLICK PIC BELOW: See incredible video of the Fun Park & Fall Harvest at … Continue reading

  • “The big ones go first. Pumpkins are here.”

    CLICK Picture to PLAY Pumpkin Picking Video->

  • Fly-over the Sunflowers at Maple Lawn Farms

    [CLICK] See VIDEO from the Sunflower Field! WHO: Maple Lawn Farms, Maple Lawn Winery & Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park What: The farmers at Maple Lawn Farms planted 5-acres, or approximately 5 football fields of sunflowers. In one section, it’s planted full of the classic yellow sunflowers that will mature at about 5 … Continue reading

  • New 2017 Corn Maze Theme

    Announcing our new theme for 2017… Wishing for FUN and Adventure? GET LOST in the stalks with our 2017 Corn Maze – Arabian Nights: Legend of the Lamp! As you explore each pathway of the maze you will unveil the mysteries of the Lamp. Picture you and your friends exploring Aladdin, the lamp, and of … Continue reading

  • Life on the Farm – “Seasonal changes – A farmer looks back.”

    FINAL Weekend for the Expedition Everest Corn Maze & Fun Park. Hey, Everything has its season and the Maize Quest Corn Maze and Fun park season ends this Sunday. Sure, we’re tired from working seven days a week for a month and a half, but it’s always sad to see it end. We checked in … Continue reading

  • Life on the Farm – “Simple moments still matter”

    This picture above displays the simple wonder of the expansive view from our farm. From the top of Maze Mountain, you can see 4 counties – York, Lancaster, Harford and Baltimore. It also shows the power and freedom still available in the simple moments. Just looking around, pulling your eyes away from your smartphone screen … Continue reading

  • Flashlight Nights Kick-off Sat – “Mazemaster in the Dark”

    [CLICK to PICTURE to PLAY] The Mazemaster tours the maze LIVE in the dark after a long day of farm work using a deer spot light… This is just for the silliness of Facebook LIVE. Check out the maze at night as I get lost in the dark! Click the video picture above for a … Continue reading

  • “It’s always somebody.”

    Get days this weekend for picking pumpkins Fri & Sat are the LAST CHANCE. Life on the Farm – “It’s always somebody.” Hi, Just two weeks to go for the Fall Harvest season. Yep, November 8th, we close the Farm Market & Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park. Seems like only yesterday we were … Continue reading

  • Life on the Farm: “Fun is a choice.”

    Do you choose… adventure? Beautiful look into the rain forest. Life on the Farm: “Fun is a choice.” Hi, Ever know someone who couldn’t manage to have a good time anywhere? Ever know someone who had a good time anywhere she went? Yep. You know them both. Maybe you are one of these characters. Perhaps … Continue reading

  • “As young as you can, as long as you can.”

    Pumpkins patch OPEN | PRIME Apple Picking | Maize Quest Flashlight Nights | “Young as you can.” blog The BIG pumpkins go FIRST! Get here early to pick. Early pickers get the BIG ones! Checkout this family’s haul. Pumpkin Express Wagon Rides are FREE starting Fri-Sat at 11AM, just pay for the pumpkins you pick: … Continue reading

  • Life on the Farm – Life on the Farm: “Firsts & Lasts”

    Hidden Gem Railroad Station nears completion. Jesse admires his handiwork on the station. The train loads between the Rope Maze & Stone Labyrinth. Life on the Farm – Life on the Farm: “Firsts & Lasts”   Hey, Come celebrate with us. We love it when you come over to the farm, so come celebrate with us. … Continue reading

  • Life on the Farm: “Why people love pumpkins.”

    Get Directions to the Farm It’s Fall Y’all! Late-night pumpkin scouting for GIANT pumpkins! Life on the Farm By Farmer Hugh Sign of the season. Nothing says Fall like pumpkins, but why? It’s a cross between the orange color, the forest of thick green leaves and vines that slowly turns brown as the nights get … Continue reading

  • There’s even more FUN on this farm.

    Did you know Maple Lawn Farms is home to the Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park? Yep. There’s lot of FUN on the farm this Fall. Hello, When Hugh McPherson came back from college, he struck out on his own to create something new and different; something that merged his back ground in agriculture … Continue reading

  • New Maze Tracker Smart Phone Game

    New Park, PA – (May 2014) Calling all agents! There’ a mystery in the cornfield at Maize Quest and guests uncover the clues as they explore miles of twisting pathways. This year’s maze adventure theme and design is “Secret Agent”. From the air, the maze looks like her majesty’s top spymaster complete with fellow agents … Continue reading

  • Maize Quest pledges tickets to promote summer reading in York

    New Park, PA – (May 2014) Mazes, clues, puzzles and books! Maize Quest commits up to 5,000 tickets to the York County Library’s Summer Reading Program worth $10 each. Any child who participates in the Summer Reading Program earns his or her ticket FREE. “Each season we give thousands of free tickets to kids who … Continue reading

  • Were the Mayan predictions right?

    New Park, PA – (Aug 2012) Were the Mayan predictions right? The 16th annual Maize Quest cornfield maze adventure might be the last you ever do! Explore the myth and legend of the Maya culture including the prediction that the world will end in December of 2012. It’s all in the Mayan Mystery Corn Maze … Continue reading