Lost in the Stalks Blog

The latest news and trivia for our Corn Maze & Fun Park!

  • New 2017 Corn Maze Theme

    Announcing our new theme for 2017… Wishing for FUN and Adventure? GET LOST in the stalks with our 2017 Corn Maze – Arabian Nights: Legend of the Lamp! As you explore each pathway of the maze you will unveil the mysteries of the Lamp. Picture you and your friends exploring Aladdin, the lamp, and of … Continue reading

  • New Maze Tracker Smart Phone Game

    New Park, PA – (May 2014) Calling all agents! There’ a mystery in the cornfield at Maize Quest and guests uncover the clues as they explore miles of twisting pathways. This year’s maze adventure theme and design is “Secret Agent”. From the air, the maze looks like her majesty’s top spymaster complete with fellow agents … Continue reading

  • Maize Quest pledges tickets to promote summer reading in York

    New Park, PA – (May 2014) Mazes, clues, puzzles and books! Maize Quest commits up to 5,000 tickets to the York County Library’s Summer Reading Program worth $10 each. Any child who participates in the Summer Reading Program earns his or her ticket FREE. “Each season we give thousands of free tickets to kids who … Continue reading

  • Were the Mayan predictions right?

    New Park, PA – (Aug 2012) Were the Mayan predictions right? The 16th annual Maize Quest cornfield maze adventure might be the last you ever do! Explore the myth and legend of the Maya culture including the prediction that the world will end in December of 2012. It’s all in the Mayan Mystery Corn Maze … Continue reading