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Tractor Wagon Rides at Maize Quest Fun Park

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

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It’s really easy to have a great day at Maize Quest. In case you have specific questions, check out our extensive lists of Trip Tips gathered from years of experience welcoming guests to the farm:

We are part of the York County Visitors Bureau. Accommodations and area attractions can be found at their web site.

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We strive to make Maize Quest affordable family entertainment. That’s why day passes are $15 or LESS! You save further by booking your group of 20+ patrons. NOTE: Maize Quest is just like a theme park, meaning that each person in your party, regardless of age and ability, must purchase admission according to the admission ticket ages and prices.

Safety is the number one priority at Maize Quest and we adjust our hours, opening, and closing times accordingly for weather events. Please check our Facebook page or the Facebook feed on the homepage of our website for the latest info during inclement weather. Chance of rain: We open. Currently Raining: Check our Facebook page. Rained Yesterday: We open. The pathways are generally in good shape. Warm weather: We are open. Windy: We open.


Babies are welcome, just prepare them for the weather & sun. Please bring your own food, drink, and baby supplies. Even little kids love the farm!

We do not accept personal checks because we take credit cards and cash. Group leaders may pay with corporate, school, or scout troop checks for group admission with ID.

We accept Visa, MC, and Discover.

To maintain a family type atmosphere at Maize Quest, we require that our guests be dressed in accordance with the standards set forth here. Clothing that might offend other guests is not allowed (within certain guidelines). Maize Quest reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone not properly dressed. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, including entering and leaving. Profanity, obscene gestures, obscene statements, pictures of illegal substances, motorcycle colors, insignias of Para-military groups, all gang related items on clothing, costumes or disguises that conceal identity are prohibited. Maize Quest reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who refuses to comply with the dress code summarized here. NOTICE: It is illegal to carry a firearm, deadly weapon, or dangerous ordnance anywhere on Maize Quest property. Unless otherwise authorized by law, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance onto Maize Quest property. Shirts, shorts and shoes/pants must be worn at all times. Clothing items with profanity or obscene or sexually explicit pictures, graphics or statements are not permitted to be worn inside the park. Inappropriate items cannot be worn inside out. They must be returned to the guest’s car. Jackets with emblems, insignias, or shields that represent an organization not open to the general public are not permitted inside the park. Exceptions include insignias for governmental agencies, school groups, scouting, athletic, religious, public service or civic groups. Motorcycle colors, insignias of military-military groups or any gang related items cannot be worn in the park. Management reserves the right to exclude any type of emblem or insignia which it finds unacceptable, or any clothing it considers offensive to our park guests. Any reference to support the use of drugs or pictures of illegal substances on clothing is not allowed to be worn inside the park. If a guest has a T-shirt on that is not acceptable, it must be replaced with another piece of clothing. Costumes or disguises that conceal identity are prohibited. Knives, handcuffs, guns or other such weapons, including laser pointers and squirt guns, are not allowed on Maize Quest property. Guests who have painted their entire face will not be allowed to enter the park. However, guests who have dyed their hair an unnatural color will be allowed to enter the park.

HALLOWEEN – Safety is the number one priority at Maize Quest. We DO NOT permit costumes, makeup, or masks at Maize Quest. We want everyone to have a FUN and safe experience, regardless of age. We are a “Scare-Free” event.  You will be asked to return all items to the car before entering the Fun Park.

You are visiting a real farm. To dress for success, we recommend wearing clothing comfortable for walking or hiking. Layering for temperate weather or cool days makes sense. Use hats for sun protection. Pay particular attention to footwear. Sneakers or hiking boots are fine, but don’t wear your new $500 Air Jordans. Chances are good you’ll get a bit dirty, so wear Hanes, not Dolce & Gabbana. It’s not the clothes that make the Maize Quester, it’s the spirit of adventure. Come as you are and have fun. Dress for success, not to impress!

We stock standard First Aid supplies similar to the kind found in First Aid Kits purchased at discount stores. We can provide supplies to a guest or guest’s family member, but only third-party trained staff can apply Band-Aids and assess injuries. If the incident warrants more assistance than we or the family can supply, we will contact the appropriate emergency personnel We DO NOT under any circumstance dispense any medications.

The more the merrier at Maize Quest. We encourage you to try the mazes with your group of friends, coworkers, scouts, students, or church youth. Some of our guests hold their family reunions here! You save money and have fun together. Please direct all Group Sales inquiries to Michelle at 1-866-WE-LOSE-U ext 103.

For safety reasons, laser pointers are not allowed at Maize Quest.

Our line jumping policy states that if you cut into a line of waiting guests, no matter what the reason, you are inviting dismissal from the park without refund of admission. This rule is strictly enforced. LINE JUMPING IS: “CUTTING IN FRONT OF OTHER WAITING GUESTS. LEAVING THE LINE, THEN ATTEMPTING TO REENTER. THIS INCLUDES USING THE REST ROOM FACILITIES OR TO PURCHASE FOOD OR DRINKS.” Once you leave your place in line, you have forfeited it, no matter what the reason. Saving a place in line is simply not permitted.

We ask all guests to bring items found to the Gift Shop counter. Guests inquiring about items lost are to report to the Gift Shop counter. Please be prepared to accurately describe the lost item.

Official Military ID, active or retired, grants the bearer $4.00 off any General Admission ticket or combo for the bearer and immediate family. Only available on tickets purchased at the Front Gate onsite. Not applicable for Group Admission or Party Packages.

While we have the ability to make public announcements, we reserve system for safety and emergency use. Bragging to your group members about how well you did finishing the maze should be done in person, by you.

Pets, other than ADA-registered service dogs, are NOT permitted at the Fun Park, Maple Lawn Farm, Market, Orchards, or Maple Lawn Winery. We wish that were not the case but our insurance policy does not allow it.

Service animals are welcome at Maize Quest. All service animals must remain physically controlled on a leash or harness at all times. Service animals are limited to one animal per guest. Guests whose service animal demonstrates aggressive actions toward our guests or employees may be directed to remove the animal from the park.

Our picnic pavilion area is only for guests who have purchased admission. We operate a snack bar, espresso bar, and drink center on the premises, but you are allowed to bring outside food to the park. Most guests prefer to buy food on site and skip the hassle of packing. We’re farm folks and have set our prices, and the prices of our vendors, to be affordable for everyone. Our NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES policy applies to picnic baskets, coolers, and our pavilion area.

You must wear your Maize Quest wristband throughout your visit to the park. Re-admittance is ONLY allowed with wristband.

Guests come to the farm for fresh air and country atmosphere. Smoking and vaping is ONLY allowed in designated, segregated areas.

Please plan for the weather. We recommend a waterproof sunblock, even for fall days.

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