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Maize Quest focuses on education through entertainment. Inside our mazes groups are involved in three major types of learning experiences: TEAMWORKNAVIGATION, and AGRICULTURE.


Choices. Options. Decisions. Learning to work together.

Our mazes are an effective theater for teaching positive, social interaction. Guests divide into groups of 4-6 plus one chaperone. Each group is then responsible for determining the best method of solving the mazes and completing the gamesheet. At each intersection and after each clue is discovered, the group must reformulate their plan. Leaders must be determined or alternated for each section and the group must function and emerge from the maze together. The mazes immerse you in another world of choices, options and decisions. Our mazes make teamwork and group dynamics a hands-on task with tangible results.

The results and methods of solving each maze make lively debate topics for the following group meeting. The results and their applications for everyday activities can be used to impress the importance of group decision making, equitable group communication, and equitable participation in other group activities.

Discussing the feelings of each group member during the process leads to another level of interpretation. Understanding the feelings and reactions of other group members can be powerful. It provides a frame of reference for each person to understand how his/her behavior affects the behavior of other group members.


Map reading is a useful skill for anyone.

Maize Quest challenges guests to follow their instincts until they find each map piece. As they collect pieces of the map and become more familiar with the maze pathways, guests develop and hone their ‘sense’ of direction. By the end of the journey, each guest should be able to orient the map and follow the pathway to the exit.


We approach agricultural education with two goals in mind:

Goal #1: Give guests an appreciation for the food system that feeds the world
Goal #2: Give guests an appreciation for the growing processes of fruit and row crops

We are partnered with information providers such as American Agri-Women, Ag Day, National Corn Growers Association, American Soybean Association, USDA, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Pioneer Seed and Bayer Corporation to name a few. We have taken raw information from these sources and created fun learning stations. As groups progress through the maze, they discover food facts and information that helps them answer questions and complete puzzles. Natural resource conservation, food production and farmland preservation all start with the farmer. On the farm, walking through the fields is the best place to teach the role the American farmer plays in the future of our country and the world.

Our goal is to make each trip a learning adventure for groups and an enjoyable outing for leaders. The maze and the surrounding farmland immerse groups in a world of exploration. We’d love to host your group adventure.

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The Maize Quest® Cornfield Maze takes center stage with our 2024 Corn Maze Adventure:

2024 Corn Maze Theme: Big Top at Maple Lawn Farms (New Park, PA)

GET LOST in the stalks with our 2024 Corn Maze: BIG TOP! This year’s corn maze highlights a world of excitement, laughter, and intrigue – acts that are far from ordinary, beyond extraordinary. Learn about the circus as you explore our giant maze! Enjoy the intricate pathways as you navigate your way through the cornfield. 

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