About Maize Quest

Maize Quest Team in the Corn Maze

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

What We Believe

At Maize Quest WE Believe:
  • People learn by DOING.
  • Families that earn victories together are stronger families.
  • Kid-powered is better for engaging young minds.
  • Students learn best by doing things for themselves.
  • Bringing people in direct contact with their food is the best way to preserve farms.
  • To achieve what we believe, mazes are the most effective tool in our entertainment toolbox.
Why Mazes?

Mazes are a great metaphor for life. Each of us is on a journey and each of us knows what it feels like to be lost. Could there be a more personally connective experience than that of exploring a maze with your friends and family?

Choosing the right path. Making the right decision. Going the wrong way. Going the right way. Finding a clue. Persisting in the face of defeat. Continuing the struggle to understand. Building on past experiences. Remembering. Discovering. Searching. Escaping. Achieving.

Mazes are the backdrop for so many life lessons. What will you learn on this visit?

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