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Maize Quest in the community

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

Maize Quest in the Community

We’ve been a part of the Southeastern York County community for over 150 years. As a business, we have employed hundreds of local adults and teens and we continue our commitment to providing jobs. Small business is the backbone of America and we farmers have been providing employment opportunities since the very beginning of this great land.

As part of the community, we are often asked to contribute to local fundraisers. No business can contribute monetarily to every cause, so we have set a policy regarding ticket donation requests to make the process work for both the requesting party and our farm business.

Our Ticket Donation Policy

Our donation policy for fundraisers, such as basket bingos, silent auctions, and charity fundraisers, is as follows:

  • Our donation policy applies ONLY to non-profit groups.
  • We generally give (2) Family Four Paks of tickets good for the current season only, unless the Fundraiser is late in the season.

We have found this system generates a better return for the organizations because a single Family Four Pak has a monetary value of $60. Auctioning (2) Four Paks at retail value is the equivalent of $120. Many organizations receive even more than retail value during fundraisers.

We have a limited number of Family Four Paks per year. We reserve the right to decline/accept requests as supply is limited.

Contact us about a donation request

Donation Request Form

Please check the items of interest from the list below:

By requesting a ticket donation or fundraising information you are agreeing to support and promote Maize Quest Fun Park directly at or during the event. We review each request and grant donation requests only to registered charitable organizations. We do not donate cash or products from Maize Quest or Maple Lawn Farms. Filling out this form does not guarantee your request will be granted. Typically, we donate (2) Family Four Paks of Admission Tickets to Maize Quest Fun Park. Each 4-Pak has a retail value of $40 and must be redeemed within the current season. It works best if these are used as prizes or as items in auctions, basket bingos, or other raffle events.

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