“It’s always somebody.”

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

“It’s always somebody.”

Big Pumpkin field
Get days this weekend for picking pumpkins Fri & Sat are the LAST CHANCE.
Life on the Farm – “It’s always somebody.”


Just two weeks to go for the Fall Harvest season. Yep, November 8th, we close the Farm Market & Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park. Seems like only yesterday we were interviewing new employees for the team, but it was July.
As we prepare to bid our guests farewell for the season, it makes me realize how much I’ll miss the crew of Mazemasters, Donutmasters, Marketmasters and Orchardmasters who help make our farm the warm, inviting place it is.
No matter how many attractions we add, the experience comes down to people. You might say, “It’s always somebody.”
Somebody welcomes you. When you arrive and get your tickets, somebody welcomes you. While I’d love to welcome each guest myself, I can’t possibly do it without friendly teens and adults who work here to help you.
Somebody cooks for you. Our bakery & donut crew is the largest, most cross-trained team we’ve ever had and they’ve put out more apple cider donuts, pies and dumplings than ever.
Somebody cares for you. Whether on a ride, like our new Hidden Gem Railroad, checking out your treats in the market, learning on a school tour in the orchard or getting your video introduction in for the corn maze, our team is caring for you. Answering questions, making change, stocking sodas, checking tractors – they do it all.
I’m really thankful you are our guests.
YOU make our dream of operating this family farm possible.
I’m really thankful for our crew.
THEY make caring for YOU possible.
No matter what we build, grow or add, when it comes right down to it…
It’s always somebody.
See you at the farm,
 PS This weekend is going to be a “classic”. Crisp, cool and October sunny. you never know what might happen next weekend, so get here while you can.
PPS Need a farm field trip for your learning adventure? Groups are booking right now. Email Michelle at michelle@cornmaze.com or call her 717-495-1759. Over a dozen groups booked last week alone and time slots are going fast! Learn more about groups at Maize Quest [CLICK HERE]
Maize Quest Open Every Weekend Thru Nov 8th, 2015!

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