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Arabian Nights 2017 Corn Maze - Moon

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Arabian Nights 2017 Corn Maze - Parrot
Scout Adventures at Maize Quest and Maple Lawn Farms

Scout Groups

Mazes are made for scouts.
Need a place to practice navigation? Mazes.
Need to build teamwork? Mazes.
Need to practice leadership skills? Mazes.
Need a place to camp with your adventure? Maize Quest.

Scout Adventures at Maize Quest

Scouting is a great leadership development organization and our programs can help scout leaders accomplish their goals. Using our games, puzzles and mazes as tools to engage youth in problem-solving exercises.


A giant scavenger hunt that covers the whole farm. Scouts use GPS units to navigate to the game stations hidden in orchards and fields of Maple Lawn Farms. [learn more]


The Maize Quest Corn Maze is a great place for groups to start. Scouts in groups set by the leaders allow scouts to explore group decision-making options.


We've hosted regional encampments from the YAAC-BSA. We have a nearly unlimited encampment area having hosted over 300 scouts and leaders. Call us for special terms and options for a special weekend of camping, exploring, mazes, and opportunities.

We host thousands of school-age youth each year during our summer and fall harvest seasons. During the summer months, we specialize in tours and fun excursions for YMCA and YWCA camps, sports camps, day camps, scout groups, mom's groups, and more. Over 30 attractions are open for our guests including our snack bar and picnic pavilion.

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The Maize Quest® Cornfield Maze takes center stage with our 2017 Corn Maze Adventure:

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