Past Cornfield Maze Adventure Themes

The Maze Fun Park features a new, exciting corn maze theme every year!

1998 - Challenge the Dragon

The Dragon marked the first move to the current field at what would become the Maize Quest Fun Park.  It was also the first Maize Quest with a “big adventure” theme.  Guests explored the beast and the castle below to discover answers to the lore of dragons.  The dragon featured a fountain of water in the “heart” of the beast.


The Maize Quest® Cornfield Maze takes center stage with our 2018 Corn Maze Adventure:

Mad Scientist Corn Maze Theme 2018

GET LOST in the stalks with our 2018 Corn Maze - Mad Scientist: Mastermind of Mazes! Unlock new discoveries in the world of science and learn about real scientists who were thought to be 'mad' until proven correct.