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Looking for something fun to do in the York/Baltimore area? From our Giant Cornfield Maze featuring a new theme each year to over 30 other attractions, Maize Quest is the perfect place for your group or family outing!

Kids enjoy running, climbing, crawling and jumping on and around these huge straw bales stacked like giant blocks.

Climbing Activity
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All Ages
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Did You Know? Each straw bale looks like a big Lego block, but really weigh 800 lbs. Why We Built It: Kid's love to climb, run and jump. Here's where they can do it.

The Maize Quest® Cornfield Maze takes center stage with our 2019 Corn Maze Adventure:

Atlantis Corn Maze Theme 2019

GET LOST in the stalks with our 2019 Corn Maze: Atlantis - Search for the Lost City! Explore the Secret City of Atlantis while you traverse the maze with new clues at every corner.