Things to Do – Fun Near York & Baltimore

Looking for something fun to do in the York/Baltimore area? From our Giant Cornfield Maze featuring a new theme each year to over 30 other attractions, Maize Quest is the perfect place for your group or family outing!

The last stop on the way out of the Fun Park is the gift shop featuring t-shirts, hats, cups, bumper stickers, patches, snacks and more.  Now you may get a fancy latte as well from our baristas at the counter.

Fall Season, Summer Season (Groups Only), Available After Dark
Recommended For:
All Ages
Year Added:
Did You Know? The giant ear of corn hanging above the coffee bar is over 16ft long. Why We Built It: T-shirts featuring the maze design have been hallmark of Maize Quest since 1997. The coffee bar was added for parents watching their kids in the indoor 3-D Play Maze which is right next to the gift shop.

The Maize Quest® Cornfield Maze takes center stage with our 2018 Corn Maze Adventure:

Mad Scientist Corn Maze Theme 2018

GET LOST in the stalks with our 2018 Corn Maze - Mad Scientist: Mastermind of Mazes! Unlock new discoveries in the world of science and learn about real scientists who were thought to be 'mad' until proven correct.