Things to Do – Fun Near York & Baltimore

Looking for something fun to do in the York/Baltimore area? From our Giant Cornfield Maze featuring a new theme each year to over 30 other attractions, Maize Quest is the perfect place for your group or family outing!

Cornfield Maze Adventure

Included in Admission

2017 brings Arabian Nights: Legend of the Lamp! As you explore each pathway of the maze you will unveil the mysteries of the Lamp.  Picture you and your friends exploring Aladdin, the lamp and of course the Genie himself all carved into a living field of cornstalks! Nine acres of twisting turning pathways makes a mind-bending scavenger hunt for real facts, legends and The End.

How to Play:
Explore and learn through a mind-bending scavenger hunt for real facts, legends and The End.
Fall, Summer (Groups Only), Available After Dark
Recommended For:
Adults, Teens, Kids 9-12yrs, Kids 5-8yrs
Did You Know? The are over 350,000 corn plants in the maze, and nearly 4 miles of pathways. Why We Built It: Big adventure. Nothing like corn gives us the opportunity to create big adventure.

The Maize Quest® Cornfield Maze takes center stage with our 2019 Corn Maze Adventure:

Atlantis Corn Maze Theme 2019

GET LOST in the stalks with our 2019 Corn Maze: Atlantis - Search for the Lost City! Explore the Secret City of Atlantis while you traverse the maze with new clues at every corner.