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Bamboo Maze

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Bamboo Maze

About this attraction:

The world’s first maze of living bamboo, the Bamboo Forest hides five stations. Visitors search for the space-themed stations as part of a fortune-telling game.

How to Play:
Find the stations, color your fingertips, read your fortune.
Attraction Type:
Recommended for:
All Ages, Adults, Teens, Kids 9-12yrs, Kids 5-8yrs, Kids 2-4yrs
Fall, Available After Dark
Year Added:
Fun Facts:
Did You Know? The bamboo maze took three years to get established. Now it can grow new shoots from ground level to 16ft-tall in 4 months. Bamboo is invasive. We have to install an underground containment barrier to keep it from taking over the park. Why We Built It: Another crazy Hugh vision, the Bamboo Forest has ‘grown’ into a crowd favorite. We added it because it added substance to the early Maize Quest experience, and it remains the first one ever built in the world.
Included in General Admission

Halloween Policy

Halloween Policy

PLEASE NOTE: We are a ‘scare-free” event. Safety is the number one priority at Maize Quest. We DO NOT permit costumes at Maize Quest. We want everyone to have a FUN and safe experience, regardless of age. Thank you!

Pet Policy

Due to our insurance company’s policy, we are NOT permitted to allow pets in the corn maze, pumpkin patch or Fun Park. We know your dog, cat or pig is wonderful and we wish things could be different, but we simply are not permitted to allow pets other than A.D.A. registered service dogs. Thank you!

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