Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park - PA

Maize Quest History

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes! Click on the years below to read highlights from each year of Maize Quest’s history.

  • There’s even more FUN on this farm.

    Did you know Maple Lawn Farms is home to the Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park? Yep. There’s lot of FUN on the farm this Fall. Hello, When Hugh McPherson came back from college, he struck out on his … Continue reading

  • Maple Lawn Farms & Maize Quest – “Things Grandmother told me.”

    The BIG pumpkins go FIRST! Get here early to pick. Eric found big pumpkins in the patch! Pumpkin Express Wagon Rides are FREE starting Saturday at 11AM, just pay for the pumpkins you pick: $.75 per pound, BUT NO PUMPKIN … Continue reading

  • Life on the Farm- “You just never know.”

    It’s Fall Y’all! Great weather Sat-Sun-Mon, spend family time on the farm. Beautiful sunset over the Pumpkin Shed. Life on the Farm: “You just never know.” What a crazy time of year. On the farm when it’s harvest time, you … Continue reading

  • How they make the maze. Are you a maker?

    We’re releasing a never-before-seen drone video of our corn maze being cut! Learning how things are made creates a connection to the maker and to the receiver, in fact, that’s what our farm is all about. (continued below) CLICK PIC BELOW: See … Continue reading

  • 2015

    All aboard! 2015 brought the Hidden Gem Trackless Train ride to the Fun Park. The realistic Wild West-era train chugs behind the Rope Maze to a new section the park for a delightful ride through living, sorghum-sedan grass. Young and … Continue reading

  • 2014

    2014 saw the beginning of the Bamboo Renovation and the addition of our Smart Phone Game Maze Tracker. Maze Tracker allows guests to track themselves LIVE on their phones as they explore the corn maze. Maze Tracker is FREE for … Continue reading

  • 2013

    The BEST PUMPKIN CROP EVER was grown by Farmer Matt & Farmer Paul. A new pumpkin checkout made it easier than ever to get your pumpkins home quickly. We experimented with our first Aerial Drone, which we promptly crashed! Tire … Continue reading

  • 2012

    Our movie trailer featured an “End of the World” theme connecting to the Mayan calendar prediction. Hurricane Sandy deluged the farm in rain, but we survived by moving generators from building to building. THEN, snow hit us on Halloween weekend! … Continue reading

  • “Farming finally makes sense.”

    Annie with a GIANT Apple! Get ready for a great season of apple picking Hey, When I was a kid, I wanted to design airplanes. I had posters of the SR-71 Blackbird supersonic spy plane and the B1 bomber (back … Continue reading

  • “When it all comes together.”

    Goof-off a little and enjoy this GoPro, time-lapse video to the GORGEOUS Pumpkin Patch Preview on a Perfect Pumpkin Pickin’ Weekend. You have likely had a goal and worked hard to achieve it. There are stages to achieving your goals, and … Continue reading