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2020 Corn Maze Theme: Sherlock Holmes

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

“When it all comes together.”

Goof-off a little and enjoy this GoPro, time-lapse video to the GORGEOUS Pumpkin Patch Preview on a Perfect Pumpkin Pickin’ Weekend.

You have likely had a goal and worked hard to achieve it. There are stages to achieving your goals, and time elapses between each stage.

Idea stage. First you come up wit the idea, the intended outcome, the very thing you wish to achieve.

Motivation stage. Once I come up with a goal, I like to load it up with all kinds of visual imagery of what things will look like when I achieve the goal: How will I feel? Who will be proud of me? What does success look like? What is the exact, precise outcome? 

Planning stage. We come up with a lot of ideas, and we runt hem through the planning stage to see if they are possible – after all, we all have a limited amount of time, money, strength, and focus, so we have to plan to use it wisely.

Implementation stage. We have been in the implementation stage for this season for what feels like FOREVER prepping, painting, mowing, advertising, training, growing, hiring, fermenting, plowing, planting, weeding, pruning — seriously, it has felt like FOREVER getting ready to celebrate the Fall Harvest this year!

Peak stage. Here we are. These next FOUR WEEKS are the peak, the pinnacle stage of the entire process. Every week, day, hour, minute has led us to these next FOUR WEEKS and weekends…

…and it leads to YOUR visit. 

You see, here at the peak of our goal cycle, YOUR experience, the experience YOU have here at our farm – the memories, the laughs, the pictures, the special moments, the FUN… 

…that’s the win. That’s the goal. That’s success for us.

When it all comes together, the outcome we are striving for is for you and your family to have an epic time celebrating the Fall Harvest on the farm with us.

It’s all coming together.

This weekend’s weather looks incredible.

The apple crop is at it’s peak.

The pumpkins are plump and ripe.

The maze is still green and challenging.

The sun will be shining.

The donut team is ready for max production.

The tractors are fueled.

We’ve hired a roster of over 80 great team members to deliver the fun you’ve come to expect.

All that’s left is for you to visit and enjoy the ‘fruits’ of our labor. 

See you this weekend at the farm,

Farmer Hugh