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2020 Corn Maze Theme: Sherlock Holmes

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“What’s a Sukkah – and crazy work this Fall Season”

I think the world needs a spirit of understanding and an attitude of humility now, more than ever.

So it was that I first learned of Sukkot, the Jewish “Festival of the Booths”. We suddenly were busy checking in Orthodox Jewish visitors one October, over 10 years ago. (Learn a lot more about Sukkot here)

When the guests all stared to depart around lunchtime, I asked one of the elder attendees what was happening and why they were leaving. Rabbi Newberger was happy to explain the basics, that “to observe Sukkot, they were only permitted to eat in a Sukkah.”

Being naturally curious, I asked, “What’s a Sukkah?!”

He explained that it was a booth, outside, enclosed all but one entry, with a roof made of natural material.

I asked, “Like bamboo?”

“Yes,” he said.

I said, “Give me 30 mins.”

The team leaped into action and we constructed the first Sukkah ever at Maple Lawn Farms from fruit bins and fresh-cut bamboo, just as you can see us building in the video above.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t have to ask, and Rabbi Newberger didn’t have to take the time to explain things to me. I didn’t have to do anything about it once he told me about the Sukkah, and he didn’t have to stay. Those were choices we chose to make.

BUT, it was our attitude of humility, a willingness to learn something new about a different culture, and his willingness to teach me and encourage and help us build the booth correctly, so he and his family could enjoy their time together at our family’s farm.

That’s what the world needs more of right now, and it starts in small ways with regular people, like you and me.

See you soon on the farm,

Farmer Hugh

Key items for this weekend:

  • The Maze is OPEN and it’s not supposed to rain Friday (chance), Saturday & Sunday look great!
  • Pumpkin picking is OPEN! Park at the maze, and after you spend some time lost, hop a FREE ride to the patch on the GIANT pumpkin express wagon. Pumpkins are just $.75 per pound, but NO PUMPKIN costs more than $12 – No matter HOW BIG!
  • Apple season is here right now, with GREAT, full-season apples, such as Fuji, Red Chief, Smoothee Gold, Macs, Empires, Jonees, JonaGold, & Mutsu. you can pick them right from the tree.
  • Groups are booking now for scouts, schools, church youth groups, preschools and more, so if you are a group leader call Michelle NOW at 717-495-1759 – We have some scout camping dates SOLD OUT!

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