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2020 Corn Maze Theme: Sherlock Holmes

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

Maple Lawn Farms & Maize Quest – “Things Grandmother told me.”

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The BIG pumpkins go FIRST! Get here early to pick.
Eric Big Pumpkin
Eric found big pumpkins in the patch! Pumpkin Express Wagon Rides are FREE starting Saturday at 11AM, just pay for the pumpkins you pick: $.75 per pound, BUT NO PUMPKIN costs more than $12, no matter how BIG!
Life on the Farm: “Things my Grandmother told me.”

Oh, Hugh,

What did your Grandmother tell you that you remember today? Chances are good, you got some wisdom that, at the time, sounded like “something old people said”, but means more now that you are aging.
Here are a few I was thinking about this week:
“Waste not, want not” – I was convicted this past week as I wasn’t sure what to do with all my CSA box produce, but remembered a friend who like d the stuff I didn’t. I got the produce and friend connected 🙂
“If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” – Depression era stuff, right? I was thinking of this as an expanded idea to be unpacked a bit more. My son’s soccer team worked really hard at practice and defeated our co-practice nemesis team for the first scrimmage win all season. They worked hard and well, and they got the victory. Maybe, “No work, no win.”
“Say your prayers daily.” – This was more demonstration than saying. She was a regular prayer sayer and scripture reader. As a farmer, there are so many things out of your control. She understood the value of unloading that burden through prayer to a higher power.
With 10 acres of pumpkins ripe, 28 acres of apples hanging on the trees, thousands of guests ready to have fun in the mazes and 700+ acres of corn to pick in the next month, I, too, need more power than I could muster on my own through willpower and positive thinking alone.
Grandmother is gone, but her life continues through the McPherson family and the lessons she taught. Your grandmother might be with you or already gone as well, but this week, pause for a few minutes early in the morning to reflect on what she passed on to you.
It’s harvest season on the farm and our doors stand open, welcoming you and your family to make some memories together this weekend. I hope you’ll join us and help us pick some of those pumpkins and apples
We grew them exclusively and specifically for you.
See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh