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2020 Corn Maze Theme: Sherlock Holmes

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

Life on the Farm: “Fun is a choice.”

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Do you choose… adventure?
Eric Big Pumpkin
Beautiful look into the rain forest.
Life on the Farm: “Fun is a choice.”


Ever know someone who couldn’t manage to have a good time anywhere?
Ever know someone who had a good time anywhere she went?
Yep. You know them both. Maybe you are one of these characters. Perhaps you are somewhere in-between. The key here is that your choices are much more important than your circumstances. Whether or not you have fun each day, at an event, with your family, during some quiet retiring time – it is all your own personal choice.
Circumstances are things that happen around you. Though choices help create circumstance, to a large degree, you can’t control your circumstances. The weather, for instance, is completely out of your control.
Reactions to your circumstances are completely under your control. You may disagree heartily with a retort such as, “My mother-in-law makes me so mad I have to yell at her!” But, you’d be listing reactions that are actually under your control. You technically, do not have to yell at her, but you let yourself do it anyway.
Complaining is a reaction, and an inefficient one. Complaining is a typical reaction to challenging circumstances. We all like to complain because it unloads some of our frustration on the listener. We feel better. Typical, the listener does not.
Why I am writing about this now. I can’t change the weather. Friday night, we just had to close. Tough to do when you are only open for business for a limited season, but I went home, enjoyed dinner with the kids and watched a family movie snuggled up on the couch.
That’s the best I could do out of bad weather circumstances. In my younger days, I would have been fraught with indecision and racked with worry over the financial implications. Now that I’m older, I’ll steal that extra Fall night with my kids and figure the finances will work themselves out without me worrying about it.
So, yes it has rained.
Yea! It has stopped.
The wind is drying things out and the pumpkins are freshly washed. The corn maze pathways are packed down, so you aren’t going to sink into mud.
Dress for adventure, hop in the car, enjoy easy access to attractions and choose your own adventure this weekend at Maize Quest.
A happy crew of farm staff and an unusually well-rested Mazemaster are here to take good care of you 🙂
See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh