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2020 Corn Maze Theme: Sherlock Holmes

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

Maize Quest pledges tickets to promote summer reading in York

New Park, PA – (May 2014) Mazes, clues, puzzles and books! Maize Quest commits up to 5,000 tickets to the York County Library’s Summer Reading Program worth $10 each. Any child who participates in the Summer Reading Program earns his or her ticket FREE.

“Each season we give thousands of free tickets to kids who complete the summer reading program,” says Hugh McPherson, Maize Quest’s Maze Master. ”We believe strongly in the value of books, kids learning to read and our local libraries. I went through the Summer Reading program and now my own kids do, as well!”

Summer readers and families can check out books on spies, espionage, history and fictional adventure from the library before entering the maze. This season’s nine-acre living puzzle at Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park in New Park, PA is themed “Secret Agent”. Adventurous guests traverse miles of pathways that form the image of Secret Agents on a mission.

Open every weekend Aug 30 through November 9, 2014, guests explore a maze with a decidedly upbeat, adventurous tone. The games include finding and collecting pictures of famous spy movies and real-life agencies, answering questions about Cold War spy-craft, descrambling a Secret Word and navigating using Maize-o-Vision map decoders; a Maize Quest exclusive feature. The shapes make miles of pathways for guests to choose-their-own-adventure in the maze.

“Think Spy Kids to James Bond to Mission Impossible,” says Michelle Posey, Group Tour Director. “What a great way to connect information from the printed page to exploration in the real world.”

The Secret Agent Corn Maze is just one of over 30 attractions in the Maize Quest Fun Park that include “Tire-saurus”, an 80-foot-long dinosaur made of tires for climbing, an 80-foot tube slide and mazes of rope, bamboo, tile, fencing, a life-sized board game and more.

The pledged tickets are exclusively for registered Summer Reading students to earn through their local library program and must be redeemed by Sept 28, 2014. The tickets may not be distributed to parents and cannot be purchased or combined. However, parents who register online receive a link to discounted online tickets via email. An exclusive link is available at your local library on the student ticket.

“Who doesn’t want to be a spy?” asks McPherson. “Secret agents and international espionage hold more than enough puzzles, riddles and clues to keep you exploring for hours. Sign up for the Summer Reading program and earn your ticket today!”

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