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2020 Corn Maze Theme: Sherlock Holmes

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes!

New Maze Tracker Smart Phone Game

New Park, PA – (May 2014) Calling all agents! There’ a mystery in the cornfield at Maize Quest and guests uncover the clues as they explore miles of twisting pathways.

This year’s maze adventure theme and design is “Secret Agent”. From the air, the maze looks like her majesty’s top spymaster complete with fellow agents and bad guy. Inside the maze guests are on a spy-themed scavenger hunt for 9 pictures and 18 answers relating to real spies and spy movie favorites.

“You can’t beat James Bond, he’s always been my favorite,” says Hugh McPherson. “It was fun to learn more about real secret agents as we developed the educational portion of the theme.”

The experience kicks-off with a spoof of a spoof with The Maze Master portraying “Dr. Dreadfulton” and take-off of the Austin Powers movie’s villain. The introduction video sets the mood, explains the games and covers the rules of the maze. Guests explore the maze under the watchful eye of the of another maze master stationed on the Maize Quest Tower, but the real high-tech game is all new and available on guests’ smartphones. It’s called Maze Tracker.

“I didn’t think it was possible,” says Eric Faidley, Maize Quest’s Operations Manager. “Maze Tracker let’s the guests track themselves LIVE on their smartphones as they walk through the maze using the phone’s GPS signal. It’s so cool.”

Maze Tracker is a free game guests play exclusively at the Maize Quest Fun Park. It allows guests to sign-in, choose a corn character to represent themselves, then watch that character move around the map of the maze on the screen as they walk around the pathways in the real world. It’s the perfect tool for would-be secret agents if they get lost!

Open every weekend now through November 9, 2014, guests explore the spy maze with a decidedly upbeat, adventurous tone. The games include finding and collecting pictures of famous spy movies and real-life agencies, answering questions about Cold War spy-craft, descrambling a Secret Word and navigating using Maize-o-Vision map decoders; a Maize Quest exclusive feature. The shapes make miles of pathways for guests to choose-their-own-adventure in the maze.

The Secret Agent Corn Maze is just one of over 30 attractions in the Maize Quest Fun Park that include “Tire-saurus”, an 80-foot-long dinosaur made of tires for climbing, an 80-foot tube slide and mazes of rope, bamboo, tile, fencing, a life-sized board game and more. Maize Quest is located on Maple Lawn Farms which hosts pick-your-own apples and pumpkins every weekend.

“I’ve been getting calls from scouts, schools, youth groups and preschools looking for educational trips that are fun,” says Michelle Posey, Maize Quest’s Group Tour Director. ”Maize Quest is the perfect mix of learning on the farm, physical exercise and play. Kid’s need time away from the books and tests to play.”

Maple Lawn Farms hosts potentially the largest pick-your-own pumpkin patch in the area with over 10 acres of pumpkins. Pumpkins are an especially good value straight from the patch as no pumpkin costs more than $10.00, no matter how big. A free wagon ride takes guests directly to the pumpkin patch to select their pumpkins. Groups of 20 or more guests may choose exclusive options such as a private hayride or campfire pit when they reserve ahead with Michelle.

“Who doesn’t want to be a spy?” asks McPherson. “Secret agents and international espionage hold more than enough puzzles, riddles and clues to keep you exploring for hours. If you get lost, get out your smartphone and use Maze Tracker just like a real agent!”