“Only this age once.”

Picking apples is a great way to ‘slow down’ with your family and savor time together.

This is a simple note, a reminder. I spent the majority of this week stressed out prepping iPads & ordering, candy & slushies, schedules & payroll, weather reports & crops, social media & emails, and getting my self wound so tight I snapped at people who were all working just as hard trying to help me.

When the weekend came, it was gorgeous and we were busy at the farm.Still, I was harboring this crazed mania from the week. I had to kick myself to realize that I was…

…missing it. 

Back in the fun park, I saw pumpkin wagons loading, heard children squealing down the slide, heard parents laughing, the joyous sound of music, pumpkin picking, gems being mined, and so much more; so much joy.

Why we still farm. Making it today in agriculture is incredibly challenging, but YOU are the reason we still farm. This farm is space for joy to fill lives, thousands of lives each season; perhaps a million since I was a young boy. The positive energy generated here by your visits improves the world while providing for our family and preserving our farm.

So I took just a few moments to stand in the middle of this farming operation to listen… to just listen for a moment to the joy, the positive energy, the laughter you are creating with your families and releasing into the world.

I didn’t want to miss it. 

Fight for some free time, truly free time, outside of your busy lives and your busy schedules. Escape the hectic pace of your life and spend that valuable free time with your family at the farm.

They’ll only be this age once.

Don’t miss it.

See you soon at the farm,

Farmer Hugh

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