Are you part of an organization that needs to raise money?

PTO/PTA, Jaycees, Music Boosters, Varsity Clubs, Churches, Cancer Awareness, Service Organizations, and many more…


…You can easily add us to your fundraising team!

The Easiest Fundraising EVER!

NO Selling.
NO Mandatory Participation Date.
NO Order Forms.
NO Fulfillment.
NO Money Collection.
NO Printing Costs.
NO Overlap with other programs.

All You Need To Do…

Our program is a supplement to your existing fundraising efforts. Keep doing all your other programs and add ours without adding any work. Simply use your members to share the link and use it themselves to get their tickets to the Maize Quest Fun Park. Every ticket, with no limitations, earns your group a dollar.

Fundraising doesn’t need to be complicated. Just share your specific link to our ticketing system and you’re earning money with every ticket sold through your code!

The tickets don’t expire. Many groups are planning a “Fun Day” where everyone associated with their organization can visit Maize Quest and challenge the maze together. What a super idea! Even if some of your folks can’t make it for the official “Fun Day”, their tickets are good any public day of the season.

You can reach more people than you think. Think of how many families are in your school or church, then imagine how many people they can reach on Facebook and email. We’re happy to pay your group for promoting Maize Quest instead of buying expensive media advertising. It’s a win-win!

Sign-up today. Fall harvest season is just around the corner!

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