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Maize Quest Fun Park: Our History - A new corn maze theme every year!

Our History

The Maize Quest History

Each year, it is our goal to bring you new and exciting attractions and to offer innovative corn maze themes. Below you can see a review of the history of the park.

Year Number of Attractions New Attractions Corn Maze Theme Seasons What Makes This Year Special?
2015 39 Hidden Gem Trackless Train Amazon Adventure Winter - Summer (groups) - Fall All aboard! 2015 brought the Hidden Gem Trackless Train ride to the Fun Park. The realistic Wild West-era train chugs behind the Rope Maze to a new section the park for a delightful ride through living, sorghum-sedan grass. Young and old delight at the air whistle, bell and 'steam' rising from this trackless wonder. The secret? It's build on a tractor!
2014 38 Maze Tracker Smart Phone Game Secret Agent Winter - Summer (groups) - Fall 2014 saw the beginning of the Bamboo Renovation and the addition of our Smart Phone Game Maze Tracker. Maze Tracker allows guests to track themselves LIVE on their phones as they explore the corn maze. Maze Tracker is FREE for guests to use with registration.
2013 37 Tire Dinosaurs invaded the upper Fun Park, "Treadly & Goodyear" now welcome climbers to the newly renovated Pedal Kart Track complete with a viewing bridge. The replaced the BoulderDash attraction from 2003. Spookley the Square Pumpkin arrived as a net b Gladiator: Journey to Ancient Rome Winter - Summer (groups) - Fall The BEST PUMPKIN CROP EVER was grown by Farmer Matt & Farmer Paul. A new pumpkin checkout made it easier than ever to get your pumpkins home quickly. We experimented with our first Aerial Drone, which we promptly crashed!
2012 34 The Miner Max Maze was replaced by our biggest attraction in years: The Barnyard Board Game. Imagine yourself as the game piece! Punchin' Pumpkins is a life-sized arcade game in which guests try to race to the center for the best time while tagging light- Mayan Mystery Maze Winter - Summer (groups) - Fall Our movie trailer featured an "End of the World" theme connecting to the Mayan calendar prediction. Hurricane Sandy deluged the farm in rain, but we survived by moving generators from building to building. THEN, snow hit us on halloween weekend!
2011 31 NEW Hoppie Ponies, brand new Maze Mountain gazebo, and the Wild West Cow Train! What a hoot! The youngsters loved riding the 'cows' around the bumpy course as the Cow Train chugged through the park. In the Kid's Castle, the Hoppie Ponies were a hit as gue The Adventures of Robin Hood Winter - Summer - Fall The maze survived TWO hurricanes in September and the Maize Quest employee team strung over 1,300 linear feet of t-post and twine to hold corn up out of the pathways! We also launched our first Facebook Fundraising program raising over $8,000 for local charities.
2010 28 The Fence Maze finally ended it's life, but the NEW Fun Zone took it's place! The Fun Zone is an Obstacle Course of "Maize Quest" Proportions! Run, Jump, Slide, Duck, and Explore while following the colorful dots around and around! Island Adventure Winter - Summer - Fall Tiki torches, raffia, and tached bridges were highlights of the Polynesian theme. As you exited the maze, you fed your pencils and crayons into the mouth of the Wiki Tiki man carving!
2009 25 The Fence Maze had come to the end of it's life span, so we rebuilt it as the Fun Zone. In the Bamboo Forest, we premiered the Finger Funnies Game which had guests performing silly actions in front of their friends. The Wild West Adventure Open All year round! The cornfield maze featured a new text messaging game called TextPlay. TextPlay allowed guests to receive clues and hints via cell phone.
2008 25 Perilous Planks & Pyramid Puzzler China: Forbidden City We're yearound! All 12 months! This is the first year we've opened yearound with the Maze Building's transformation complete to climate-controlled play-space. The cornfield maze opens just in time for guests to learn more about the Olympic host-nation, China. The Maze depicts a pagoda temple, men walking the Great Wall, and a mammoth Chinese Dragon from which guests must escape.
2007 24 The Courtyard Tile Maze, Space Explorers Space Explorers Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall! Space Explorers was one of the most popular mazes ever with guests excited to learn more about our quest to explore the stars. The warm weather deep into the fall season had guests picking pumpkins in shorts!
2006 21 Mammoth Indoor PlayMaze, Birthday Party Rooms, Pedal Karts, Mini-BoulderDash, Poppie's Corn Box, and Geo-Caching The Vikings! Spring, Summer & Fall "Fulfilling the goal of all ages & all seasons, Maize Quest invests in one of the largest Indoor Playgrounds on the East Coast to serve younger Questers. Pedal Karts add the first 'ride' element to the parks since hayrides began the first season. Geo-caching pushes GPS technology into the entertainment arena, challenging guests to explore, not only the Maize Quest Fun Park, but up to 500 acres of Maple Lawn Farms!"
2005 15 Tile Maze, Invisible Fence Maze, Turf Maze, Kid's Quest, BoulderDash Ice Age Adventure Spring, Summer & Fall "The Invisible Fence Mazes pushed the limits of technology for fun with a maze created from Dog-collars. BoulderDash added the first 'Game show' to the park's attraction mix. Another Maize Quest invention and innovation."
2004 10 Miner Max Rebuilt, Dinosaurs: T-Rex Attack Dinosaurs: T-Rex Attack Spring, Summer & Fall The Tower exit are was developed as light-scare/feature for the end of the maze complete with roaring Veloceraptor. Experimentation continued as Miner Max Maze was rebuilt from the ground up!
2003 8 Miner Max, Gemstone Mining, Mist Maze Pirates! Spring, Summer & Fall "Miner Max and Gemstone mining opens the Spring season to guests in yet another Maize Quest innovation: Mazes aren't just for Fall anymore!"
2002 7 Meadow Maze, Stone Labyrinth Outback Adventure Summer & Fall "The Stone Labyrinth marked the first non-adventure maze. The relaxing labyrinth walk was a demonstration of an ancient design. When you push the envelop of design, you sometimes make mistakes. The Meadow Maze never became what we hoped for, and was replaced by the Miner Max area."
2001 6 Maze Mountain Slide & Rope Maze Deep Sea Adventure Summer & Fall "Maze Mountain was an incredible undertaking using 40 truckloads of dirt to build a mountain and slide that is still one of the top rated attractions. Guest service improvements were the focus with the first ever-Maize Quest introduction video."
2000 4 Straw Bale Maze, Fence Maze & Bamboo Forest Escape from Egypt Fall Only "With the success of the cornfield maze, the Maize Quest team launched a new concept: The Maze Park. Though it would take thousands of dollars and man-hours over the next 9 years to see the vision through, it all began in the year 2000."
1999 1 Maize Quest Barn & Ag Science Center African Safari Fall Only "With the portable shed from 1998's season bursting at the seams, Maize quest undertook a large investment in infrastructure by building the Maize Quest Command Center, now know as the Maize Quest Fun Barn."
1998 1 The Tower Challenge the Dragon Fall Only "Maize Quest pioneered adventure-based themes with an in-your-face giant Dragon. Kid's plugged into the fun and even showed up wearing armor to vanquish the beast."
1997 1 The First Maize Quest Cornfield Maze! The Tree of Life Fall Only "This was the year that started it all. Hugh McPherson, The Maze Master took a chance that a maze could be much more than a walk in the stalks, and developed the first Maize Quest."
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