2012 The “Thank You” List

It’s the FINAL Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the 2012 season and the farm market annual sale is “on until it’s gone.”
Get here early…

The “Thank You” List

A special thank you to all our Farm Production staff who works all year to grow our fabulous fruit and grain:

Brad Blankenship
Frank Eaton
Bob Kelly
Steve McElwain
Charles Nace
Linda Ninkovich
Matt Posey
Rocky O’Cochren
John Tjelta

A special thank you to all our Farm Market and Fun Park staff who takes care of you when you visit:

Jacob Amspacher
Ashley Bankert
Kimberly Bankert
Jared Bobbitt
Amanda Bowers
Jesse Collins
Tim Dietz
Mariah Dodson
Desiree Elswick
Eric Faidley
Sarah Harrington
Colby Hedrick
Justin Hepfer
Cora Hopper
Logan Hopper
Security Joe
Marissa Kilgore
Quentin Kilgore
Tori Kilgore
Justin Klear
Noah Krechel
Brooke Manning
Gabriel McKenna
Annie McPherson
Ian McPherson
Casey Morton
Daryll Nelson
Dylan Nelson
Jeff Nelson
Logan Posey
Matt Posey
Michelle Posey
Shelby Posey
Lily Riale
Nicole Smith
Glenda Sommer
Henry Sommer
Delores Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Sally Van de Water
Amber Wakeley
Cristina Weaver
Brian Webb