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Only Three Weekends Left!

Maize Quest is OPEN thru Nov 11th!
Maple Lawn Farms is OPEN!
Fri-Sat 10AM-10PM, Sun 1PM-7PM, Don’t miss the FUN!
Sharing Your Pictures of the Farm.
Got Pictures? Share them with the Maple Lawn Farms & Maize Quest Family.

We often say that the visit to the farm and maze is about memories. It has been really joyful to see our guests’ photos on Facebook. 


I don’t know ho you people are, but some of the photography is stunning! It gives us a whole new perspective. 


You take pictures that are meaningful to you. We take pictures that are meaningful to us. When you put together our combined efforts, great things happen.


Share your photos on Facebook at:


Maple Lawn Farms


Maize Quest Fun Park


Our crew can’t pick them fast enough!
I know we’ve been saying it, but the apples are going fast. Please come pick with us this weekend to save as many as we can!

Apples are just $14.00 per 1/2 bu, mix’n'match varieties.
This weekend ONLY, get the 4th basket FREE when you pick-your-own in the orchard!
The apples are actually falling off the trees – you can hear them in the orchard as they hit the ground.
Our crew is doing their best to pick for our processors, but we need more hands!
Stock up for winter!
Bring Your Group! Here’s why in 1 sentence each:

From geocaching ont he farm to camping by the cherries, we have tons of special programs for boy and girl scouts.
Are your members on the right path? Explore your life’s path as you open friendships and communication using the maze.
Learn about Mayan culture while you meet PA & MD education standards.
If you are lucky enough to have an October birthday, then come for the Campfire Party package and have from FUN!

Farmers Hugh, Henry & Glenda take kids on an age-appropriate learning tour of the 3 most important crops on the farm, then you pick apples & play at the Fun Park. What’s better than that?!
Maze Quest Fun Park is a REAL place YOU can explore with your family, friends, scouts, youth group, school students or preschool group. Each season features our new signature Cornfield Maze Adventure and every admission includes the Maize Quest Fun Park. The Fun Park offers over 30 attractions, puzzles and activities that make learning and exploring FUN! Maize Quest is located at Maple Lawn Farms, our family’s fruit farm in Southern York County. See more about the farm here.
Check us out: