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Arabian Nights 2017 Corn Maze - Parrot
Pick-Your Own Fruit at Maple Lawn Farms - York County, PA

PYO Fruit & More

Pick-Your Own Fruit. Buy Fresh. Buy Local.

Did you know that Maize Quest is not just all about mazes? We are also farmers and we offer visitors fresh produce, fresh-baked goods, and other delicious, gourmet items! We're also the most fun location for pick-your-own fruit!

Pick-Your-Own Fruit

PYO Apples, Blueberries, Peaches, Cherries, and Pumpkins

Pick your own cherries, blueberries, peaches, apples, and pumpkins at Maple Lawn Farms! We open our family farm to your family. We believe in getting you in touch with your food.

Since before Hugh, The Maze Master, was born, the McPherson family has welcomed guests to select the freshest fruit from the farm. The freshest? Yep, the trees and bushes do the ripening, so you get only the best.

Visit the Maple Lawn Farms website to find out what's in season!

Baked Goods and More

Baked Goods at Maple Lawn Farms

Miss Dee and her crew are busy every week preparing for your visit. Visit our Farm Market for a wide range of market-fresh items including: fresh-picked fruit, pumpkins, jams and jellies, cider, hand-dipped ice cream, baked goods (pies, donuts, fudge, and more), and other gourmet items.

The Latest at Maple Lawn Farms

See our feed from Facebook below to learn the latest farm news!

Call 1-866-U-PICK-FUN (1-866-874-2538) or
visit the Maple Lawn Farms website for more info!

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Due to our insurance company's policy, we are NOT permitted to allow pets in the corn maze, pumpkin patch or Fun Park. We know your dog, cat or pig is wonderful and we wish things could be different, but we simply are not permitted to allow pets other than A.D.A. registered service dogs. Thank you!

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