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Stone Labyrinth

Stone Labyrinth

The labyrinth recreates a design from the 11th century. Its pathways of pure white sand edged in river rocks lead to and from a 31,000-pound spire-like centerpiece boulder.

How To Play

Count your steps on the way to the center. See how many it takes you to get there!

Attraction Statistics

Dimensions: 80ft diameter
Date Installed: 2002
Recommended For: All

Seasonal Availability

Daily Availability

Times of Day: Day & Night

Fun Facts from the Maize Master
Attraction Fun Facts Did You Know? The center stone in the Labyrinth is a 15-ton 'mistake' made by blasting crews at a local quarry.

Why We Built It: We built the labyrinth because it was so beautifully elegant and relaxing to be in.

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