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Past Cornfield Maze Adventure Themes

2016 - Expedition Everest

Climb to the top of the highest place on Earth: Mount Everest. The goal is to reach the top and then survive the descent. If the weather doesn't get you, maybe the legendary yeti will. In the maze design, you explore Mount Everest, base camp, a Buddhist monastery, and try to escape the mysterious Yeti.

Maze Quest Maze: Amazon Adventure 2015

2015 - Amazon Adventure

Deep in the rainforest, birds call and monkeys howl from the ancient canopy. Beneath the surface of the Great River, predators lurk in search of their next meal. Into this lost and wild world, you journey to discover the secrets hidden in this amazing ecosystem. You enter Maize Quest 2015: "The Amazon Adventure"...

Maze Quest Maze: Secret Agent 2014

2014 - Secret Agent

Journey into a world of intrigue and espionage. From the Cold War to James Bond, the world's nations play the dangerous game of misdirection and double agents. This year's maze design includes iconic imagery from spy movies. Get lost and find out more in the 2014 Maize Quest Adventure, "Secret Agent."

Maze Quest Maze: Gladiator 2013

2013 - Gladiator: Journey to Ancient Rome

Would you have survived the Colosseum? Journey with Maize Quest to Ancient Rome! Learn about gladiators, centurions, Julius Caesar and more as you explore a maze as big as the Empire. What happened in the Circus Maximus? How did Rome conquer and rule so much of the known world from 27 BC to 476 AD? Find out as you search for clues in the corn. Can you find the Colosseum? The Chariot?

Maze Quest Maze: Mayan Mystery 2012

2012 - Mayan Mystery

We're off in search of the Mayan Temple Ruins! Learn about this ancient civilization as you search for clues. Picture yourself as Indiana Jones on a quest to discover the temple buried in the ancient jungle. Uncover facts about the Maya and their way of life. The Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Is our doom for sure or is there more to this legend?

Maze Quest Maze: The Adventures of Robin Hood 2011

2011 - The Adventures of Robin Hood

We're off to Sherwood Forest with that famous hero, Robin Hood! Learn of his legend and the characters from the classic tale of good vs evil. Watch out for the Sheriff of Nottingham!

Maze Quest Maze: Island Adventure 2010

2010 - Island Adventure

"Aloha!" The 2010 corn maze takes guests to the South Pacific to learn about Polynesia in a 9 acre field of towering cornstalks carved into the shape of a giant Wiki-Tiki Man, dancing natives, palm tree and erupting volcano.

Maze Quest Mazes

2009 - Wild Wild West

Giddy-Up Maize Questers! Maize Quest 2009 hits the trail on a Wild West Adventure. Learn all about the wild frontier of America as you explore the enormous Buckin' Bronco & Cowboy maze. Git along little dogie!

Maze Quest Mazes

2008 - China: The Forbidden City

Explore the Forbidden City an learn of the Far East. Just in time for the Summer Olympics! Can you see the pagoda, The Great Wall, and the Dragon?

Maze Quest Mazes

2007 - Space Exploration

Journey to the final frontier as an explorer on the Space Shuttle! Learn about man's quest to escape the Earth's atmosphere and the science behind the journey. Can you spot the space-walking astronaut and the space shuttle?
Maze Quest Mazes

2006 - The Vikings

The mysterious Vikings quite possibly beat Columbus across the Atlantic by hundreds of years! Examine the evidence as you explore the Viking Longboat. Can you see the Viking warriors with horned helmets?

Maze Quest Mazes

2005 - Ice Age

Long before global warming the world was covered in ice. Learn about life in the Ice Age and the animals that roamed the frozen land. This year explore the GIANT wooly mammoth on your quest to uncover the clues of survival in a frozen land.

Maze Quest Mazes

2004 - T-Rex

Dinosaurs! T-Rex makes his stand in the cornfield fighting three velociraptors. Search for "fossils" and clues as you explore the giant predator and learn about the creatures that inhabited the earth millions of years ago.

Maze Quest Mazes

2003 - Pirates!

Yar! Shiver me timbers... Take to the high seas as you learn about real pirates who terrorized merchant vessels for a surprisingly short period in maze-history. Collect pictures of real pirate flags and learn about the real pirates behind them.

Maze Quest Mazes

2002 - Outback Adventure

G'Day Mate! Travel to the outback to find nine creatures unique to this island continent. Learn about the history and native people as you explore the giant mamma kangaroo complete with a baby joey in her pouch. It's adventure in the land down under!

Maze Quest Mazes

2001 - Deep Sea Adventure

Octopus! Shark! Submarine! Fish! Often sited as one of the hardest mazes we ever created, the Deep Sea Adventure took guests under the sea to explore a world of living creatures. The feature room is the octopus with (you guessed it) EIGHT entrances and exits!

Maze Quest Mazes

2000 - Escape from Egypt

The "All-Seeing Eye" floats in the center of a huge pyramid complex carved into the cornfield. Learn about the pharaohs and life on the Nile thousands of years ago when the pyramids rose from the desert plains. Escape from Egypt marked the first maze designed by Designer Dave Phillips, now full-time designer for Maize Quest Fun Park and all Maize Quest corn maze locations.

Maze Quest Mazes

1999 - African Adventure

Five animals form the shape of the African continent and make a maze of trails loaded with educational information. Learn about Africa and the animals that call it home. Each is unique with a different way to survive. Can you spot the Giraffe, Lion Head, Elephant, Rhino, and Cheetah?

Maze Quest Mazes

1998 - Challenge the Dragon

The Dragon marked the first move to the current field at what would become the Maize Quest Fun Park. It was also the first Maize Quest with a "big adventure" theme. Guests explored the beast and the castle below to discover answer to the lore of dragons. The dragon featured a fountain of water in the 'heart' of the beast.

Maze Quest Mazes

1997 - Tree of Life

The original and first Maize Quest Cornfield Maze Adventure: The Tree of LIfe. The Tree with roots, large trunk and branches is encircled by the serpent, and flanked by the crescent moon and sun. Guests used another Maize Quest innovation to create a map on their gamesheet using giant stampers. The symbols were chosen to represent the fruit farm, the circle of life, and the changing seasons as Maple Lawn Farms began it's change from production agriculture to pick-your-own fruit, educational center, and entertainment destination. The first maze, designed by Gretchen McPherson, marked the return of Hugh McPherson to the operation full-time after graduation from Penn State University. This was the one that started it all!

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