Expedition Everest 2016 Corn Maze - Himalayan Yak

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Flashlight Nights in the Corn Maze - York County, PA

Flashlight Nights in the Corn Maze

Fridays & Saturdays from Mid-September thru Mid-November

Do the maze in the dark!
Play all the corn maze games!
Bring your own flashlight!

For a totally different maze experience, come to one of our Flashlight Nights on Fridays and Saturdays. Parents, don't worry, nothing scary at Maize Quest at night. We don't do scary, we just do FUN!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that some Fun Park attractions close after dark.


Maize Quest Cornfield Maze 2016

Amazon Adventure 2015 Expedition Everest Cornfield Maze Adventure Theme 2016

Climb to the top of the highest place on Earth: Mount Everest. The goal is to reach the top and then survive the descent. If the weather doesn't get you, maybe the legendary Yeti will. In the maze design, you explore Mount Everest, base camp, a Buddhist monastery, and try to escape the mysterious Yeti. Join us for Maize Quest 2016: "Expedition Everest".

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